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Our Classes

*Daytime Homeschool Classes are offered for K-5th grade


Preschool Class Ages 2-4

Creative Movement/ Preschool Acro Combination Class

This class is designed to introduce young dancers to the basics of dance and tumble. There is a concentrated focus on balance, coordination, locomotor and non-locomotor movement and self awareness. Our desire is to help cultivate a love for movement in a safe, loving environment. Parents are welcome to walk their dancer into class the first few weeks, with the goal of drop off and pick up each week. Dancers need to potty trained and should wear - girls: leotard, footed tights (optional in warmer weather), biketard, bare feet; boys: shorts and t-shirt, bare feet


K-1st, 2nd & 3rd Classes

Ballet, Tap, Jazz

Ballet, Tap & Jazz classes are offered for these age groups. The level of difficulty increases as they develop. Our teachers are able to help those that are beginners and challenge those that have been taking dance for a few years. It is strongly encouraged for all dancers to take ballet because of the strong foundation it establishes for all genres of dance. Jazz is introduced for the first time in our K-1 classes. They will learn beginner steps that will increase in difficulty as they progress. At this age, our classes begin working on strength and flexibility and utilizing our ballet barre.


Middle School, High School Classes

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Precision Jazz, Hip, Hop, Precision Jazz/Hip Hop Combination, Musical Theatre

In addition to ballet, tap and jazz, 4 new genres are offered to our Middle & High School Classes: 

Precision Jazz/Hip Hop Combination Class


Precision Jazz: This ‘Rockette’ style of dance with sharp precise movements is offered to our female dancers during the 1st half of our dance season (Sept - Dec). 

Dance attire: Leotard, tights, dance shorts/skirts permissible, black character shoes

Hip Hop: All female and male dancers will have a great time learning several different styles of HH dance: popping, locking, tutting and more. These classes will take place during the 2nd half of our dance season (Jan - May).

Dance attire: girls: leotard, tights, dance pants/shorts, joggers & t-shirt may be worn over leotard/tights in this class, white tennis shoes guys: joggers, shorts, t-shirt white tennis shoes

Musical Theater: Musical Theatre is a jazz-based class filled with Broadway style dancing and music. This form of dancing emphasizes learning performance skills such as connecting with the audience and facial expressions.

Dance attire: Girls: Leotard, tights, dance shorts/pants permissible black jazz shoes Guys: joggers, t-shirt, black jazz shoes


Tumble Classes

We currently have 3 class options: 

Beginner (beginning at age 5) - forward & backward rolls, cartwheels, assisted bridge, balance & flexibility, coordination skills, splits

Beginner / Intermediate - completion/almost completion of Beginner skills, roundoffs, bridge - unassisted, handstands, forward/backward walkovers, assisted backhandsprings

Intermediate / Advanced - completion of Beginner & Intermediate skills - backhandsprings, kickovers, layouts, standing back tucks, aerials 

Girls: leotard with tumble shorts or ‘biketard’, bare feet

Boys: shorts, t-shirt, bare feet


Preschool Class Ages 3-4

Ballet / Tap Combination Class

 (It is strongly encouraged for dancers to take the CM/PSA Combo class before enrolling in this class)

This class is a fun beginner class that will introduce basic ballet and tap skills and steps. Dancers will learn from the beginning, proper ballet and tap terms and build upon skills learned in CM/PSA. This is a fun class that our tiny dancers really enjoy! Dancers Weekly Attire: Girls: any color/style of leotard & tights, pink or skin toned ballet shoes, black tap shoes. Boys: any color t-shirt, shorts, black ballet shoes, black tap shoes


4th-5th, Middle School & High School Classes

Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Ballet Technique 1

Classes are designed to meet your dancer at their level. Ballet Technique 1 is a weekly hour long class that will strengthen our dancers and help them grow in coordination and skill. This class is a requirement for anyone wishing to pursue pointe. 

Musical Theater and Hip Hop is offered as a combination class for this age. Musical Theater meets the 1st and 3rd week of the month and Hip Hop classes the 2nd and 4th week of the month. If there are 5 weeks in a month, we will rotate genres. Shoes needed for Musical Theatre Class: BLACK Jazz Shoes, Hip Hop: BLACK Tennis Shoes.

Ballet/Ballet Technique 1 Class: leotard, tights, ballet skirt, pink or skin toned ballet shoes

Tap: leotard, tights, dance pants/shorts, black tap shoes (flat)


Ballet Technique 1 & 2

For Ages 9 and up

Ballet is the foundation for all dance genres. If you are serious about improving your dance skills & and technique or if you wish to go en pointe, these classes are for you. Both Ballet Techniques 1 & 2 will focus on correct ballet terminology, kinesiology (understanding how and why you use certain muscles) and pushing you to become the best dancer God created  you to be. 

Classes are designed to meet your dancer at their level. Dancers may occasionally be placed in another age group based on their experience/skill level. This will be determined by the lead teacher. Evaluations are given every 6 weeks and through these evaluations, dancers move to the next level of technique. Dancers will complete Ballet Technique 1 (through evaluations - minimum of 1 season) before they move to BT2. Some circumstances may allow for a dancer to move to BT2 at Ballet Mistress discretion.


Pre Pointe / Pointe

Prerequisites Listed Below

Dancers will be given the opportunity to go en pointe once they have completed and mastered the skill level required by our Ballet Mistress. It is dangerous for a dancer to move to this level unless they are truly prepared. We look forward to helping our dancers achieve this status if this is a goal they’d like to pursue. To go en pointe, Dancers will need to complete: Ballet Technique 1, Ballet Technique 2, Pre Pointe 

Dance Attire for Ballet Technique 1 & 2, Pre Pointe / Pointe:

Girls: Leotard, Tights, Ballet Skirt, pink or skin toned ballet shoes

Boys: fitted shirt, leggings or dance tights with shorts over tights, black ballet shoes

**Our Ballet Mistress will instruct any dancer going en pointe about the proper pointe shoes

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